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Teachers, Colleagues and Mentors

Umberto Eco

Umberto Eco at Italian Institute Toronto April 12, 2012

Umberto Eco  Toronto

With Umberto Eco at the University of Torotno, 2012

During a memorable conversation with Umberto Eco at the University of Bologna, in 1989, I complimented him about the brilliance of his two teaching assistants, whose work with large classes I had been witnessing during my research time there. He exclaimed: “Ah, sono più bravi di me!” One of his colleagues suggested to me that Eco’s greatest gift was as a teacher.

The first Eco assistant I met was Alessandro Zinna. He introduced me to Prof. Cristina Cano, in whose class at the Bologna Conservatory I met my great friend and mentor Prof. Graziano Ballerini.

Alessandro Zinna

Alessandro Zinna, Eco's assistant at the University of Bologna, 1989-90

Another splendid assistant was Maria Pia Pozzato. I have saved through the years the outline of one of her Doctoral lectures given in the presence of Eco. LINK. I had the great pleasure of recognizing her in 2013 at a conference in Louvain and being able to reconnect.

Maria Pia Pozzato

Maria Pia Pozzato with Paolo Rosato, (Louvain, April 2013)

Saved from Maria Pia Pozzato presentation while a doctoral student in Bologna, 1990 - PDF Document

            Reminiscences – PDF

Renato Barilli

Renato Barilli with Mariolina Franceschetti, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Toronto 1988

            Reminiscences – PDF

Gino Stefani

Vilnius 2008 Eero Tarasti, Gino Stefani and Raymond Monelle

Gino Stefani, Berio, U.ofT. 2013 - PDF Document

            Reminiscences – PDF

János Starker

János Starker

János Starker

With Starker & his daughter Gabriella , Bloomington 1982


Sebok in Banff

György Sebök in Banff

Sebok in Banff 1970s

Sebok in Banff 1970s

Liszt photo

The Liszt photo G. Sebok kept in his Studio at Indiana


Sebok letter re Thesis 1965 - PDF Document

György Sebök Commemoration Nov.19, 2009 - PDF Document

Switzerland With Kieth Mullback - Sebok's  Studio

Ernen, Switzerland. With Kieth Mullback in front of Sebok's Studio

            Reminiscences and Tribute

Walter Robert and Charles Webb

Indiana University with Prof. Walter Robert and Charles Webb, 1960s


Leo Sirota

St. Louis, 1958-09, with Dr. Leo Sirota

Leo Sirota

St. Louis, with Dr. Sirota after Master's recital 27.6.1959

Alfred Cortot

Alfred Cortot picture in Paris 1995


Carlo Zecchi

Carlo Zecchi e il bicchiere di latte,1964

Carlo Zecchi

Carlo Zecchi 's class in front of the Mozarteum, 1950s

Carlo Zecchi

Salzburg 1949

Carlo Zecchi

Salzburg 1949

Carlo Zecchi

1950 Mozarteum with Carlo Zecchi

Eusebio Curellich

Maestro Eusebio Curellich early 1940s

Maestro De Rosa

Remembering Maestro De Rosa. Coaching a trio at Western, with the Trio di Trieste old recording as an example


Dario De Rosa


Graziano Ballerini

            Link to Intervista (In Italian)

Guido Agosti

With Guido Agosti during his visit to Western for a master class, 1980s

Kendall Taylor

With Kendall Taylor after a lecture-recital in Sarnia


Marija Stroke

Marija Stroke after the concert of her wonderful Apollo Trio in London, Ontario [date]

Henry Stroke

In 1984 at Lugano with Henry Stroke, who brought a recording of Marija's Schubert late Sonata in A.

Henry and Norma Stroke

In 2001 at CERN in Switzerland, having lunch with Marija's parents, Henry and Norma Stroke

Jan Lisiecki

With Jan Lisiecki during his first visit to London, Ontario, 2009


In Imatra, Finland, after the June 2000 Congress with Dario Martinelli, Susanna Välimäki, Drina Hocevar

Ellen Urho

A visit with Ellen Urho, former president of he Sibelius Academy, Helsinki 2000.

Glenn Gould's statue

First encounter with Glenn Gould's statue in Toronto.

Graziano Ballerini

After a Bartok lecture at the Sala dei Marmi, Pesaro, with Prof. Graziano Ballerini

Georgina Zellan-Smith

A marvelous encounter with pianist Georgina Zellan-Smith and her husband, in New Zealand 1997

Sabina Skalar

Salon concert with Sabina Skalar in Paris, 1955

Sabina Skalar in Vermont 1992

Rehearsing with Sabina Skalar in Vermont 1992

Sabina Skalar's cottage in Vermont, 1992

In Sabina Skalar's cottage in Vermont, 1992

R.Murray Schafer

Saying hello to R.Murray Schafer at a conference in Calgary, 1990

Douglas Hofstadter

Meeting again Douglas Hofstadter, at a conference in Calgary, 1990 [More]

Rachmaninov's grandson

Meeting Rachmaninov's grandson after a conference at Western [More]

Howard Shelley

With Howard Shelley, after his concert in London Ontario [More]

Ralph Aldrich, Bonnie Shewan

In 1993 with Bonnie Shewan and Ralph Aldrich after a performance of Bartok's Sonata forTwo Pianos and Percussion [Other photos coming]

Ron Turini and Skowron

With Western colleagues Ron Turini and Janusz Skowron after a concert [More]

John Cage in Banff

John Cage in Banff [More]

John Cage Western Program

John Cage Western Program [More, lovely encounter]

Pierre Boulez

Meeting again with Pierre Boulez [More re Flavigny]

Tom Aitken, Pierre Boulez, Macerollo

Tom Aitken, Pierre Boulez, Joseph Macerollo, in Toronto [More]

Bernard Flavigny

Bernard Flavigny, my gracious mentor in Paris in 1954-55 [More]

Julien Musafia, Bernard Flavigny, Emy Behar in Prague

With Julien Musafia, Bernard Flavigny, Emy Behar in Prague, 1948 [More]

Smetana Competition, in Prague - Flavigny

Group of participants in Smetana Competition, in Prague, 1948. Flavigny in centre, back

Smetana Competition, in Prague - Flavigny

In 1948, after the Smetana Competition, at the Prague train station with Bernard Flavigny, Emmy Behar

Igor Ozim

With violinist Igor Ozim and composer & friend Pavle Merku in Trieste, 1950s [More]


1969 2 portraits taken in Banff Alberta, during a Summer Research Residency.

1962 Portrait

1962 Portrait

1986 Winnipeg Art Gallery. Brancusi’s Majastra Lecture-Recital.

1986 - Winnipeg

1990 Bologna. Leaving my apartment before a Liszt-Bartók recital.

1990 - Bologna

1995 With Roberta Lantieri, after my first presentation in Italy of “Il Mondo di Béla Bartók” . Conservatorio di Musica ‘Giuseppe Tartini’ Trieste.

1995 - Trieste

1996 Imatra, Finland. Piano Recital Liszt-Bartók, and paper.

1996 - Imatra, Finland

1997 After a Bartók presentation in the lovely Sala de’ Marmi, Conservatorio di Musica “Gioacchino Rossini” Pesaro, Italy.

1997 - Pesaro

Radio and Television Programs

1957 During a Radio program at Radio Trieste, from my series Glasba za naše malčke/ A piccoli passi which I created & conducted for two years, and for which I received the Fulbright award that brought me to North America in September 1958.

1957 Radio Program

Summer 1967 Live Piano Solo and Vocal Recital (with Prof. James Stark) on CFPL Television, London, Ontario.

Radio Trieste-A, 1995

With Nadja Kralj, Director of the Music Section, Radio Trieste-A, 1995

Presenting the fortepiano at Western

Presenting the fortepiano at Western

CFPL TV - Presenting the fortepiano at Western 1980s

Emporia TV - Kansas

Emporia TV Kansas - Musical programs for children.


1979 While driving me to Thunder Bay from the airport, Prof. Heather Morrison pointed out the banner across the highway, which advertised my Summer Course for music teachers at Lakehead University.

Thunder Bay

1990 With Western colleagues after Convocation.

1990 Convocation


1992 A visit to celebrated Slovenian dancer Veronika Mlakar , who had left new York to run a farm in Nova Scotia.

1995 An autographed picture from Inuit singer Susan Aglukark, whose work I had assigned a few months earlier in my class at the Université canadienne en France in Villefranche. Later that year I ended my first public ‘return encounter’ held in my home town, Gorizia (Italy) with Susan Aglukark’s Inuit version of Amazing Grace.
1994 in Stratford, Ontario, prior to my departure for the Université canadienne en France in Villefranche, with Bonnie Shewan and … a bottle of Slovenian wine.

1994 Stratford, Ontario


2001 Ernen, Switzerland



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